Cat’s eye

Cat’s Eye 

There was an “explosion” in nail industry recently. Manufacturers have begun to offer magnetic nail polishes, so that you can create a fabulous manicure with a cat’s eye. Special magnet and a special polish formula form beautiful line in the center that reminds a cat’s eye.

Manicure was named due to an outward similarity with a homonymous stone. People are always astonished by the ability of the stone to concentrate the light in the narrow strip in the middle. The effect resembles glowing cat’s eyes. Now it is possible to create nail design with shimmering stripe in the center. This manicure will look very stylish.

A gel polish contains in its structure the metal microparticles, which under the influence of the magnet gather in the third-dimensional patterns. Under the influence of the rays of light manicure “Cat’s Eye” sparkle!

Upon your request, the master can decorate the “cat’s eye” manicure with crystals, liquid stones design, velvet sand and so on.

How to save the”cat’s eye” manicure for a longer time?

  • -Try not to deal with alcohol, acetone and household solvents;
  • -Wear rubber gloves when doing house work;
  • -Do not expose your nails to temperature extremes and avoid contact with hot water for the 48 hours after manicure. Postpone visiting saunas and bath for several days.

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