Cosmetology Service

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We all show signs of aging in our skin, hair and other parts of our body. This validates that your experience and vibrant personality built up over time is something you should be proud of.

It does not matter how old you are, it is a good sign to stay looking beautiful and maintaining a positive outlook.

girlfaceAt Dr.Vella each patient’s skin condition is evaluated closely and our doctors offer comprehensive consultation to bring out the beauty from within.

We provide top-class treatment to people who have concerns on aging such as wrinkles, pigmentation, hair-loss and so on. For anyone starting out any aesthetic treatments, please feel free to contact us.

Along with the aesthetic treatments and our hospitality, we offer advanced medical aesthetics services. Dr.Vella has a medical practice license. Here you will meet only specialists with medical education.

There is no one single pattern for a beautiful face and each patient is different from one another. It does not need to be fixated on a single template. We aim to provide the best beauty treatment by utilizing the “golden balance for each client. 

dolgu-materyalleri-botoxAt Dr.Vella, thorough & personal consultation is provided in a totally private environment. We do not offer temporary treatments but we try to be your true beauty private doctors to support the necessary treatments for your beauty. 

Please feel free to visit us and receive your personalized consultation from our doctors.