Creole massage

Creole massage

Creole massage came to us from the southern shores of the Indian Ocean (the islands of the Mascarene Archipelago). Creole bamboo massage is a massage with bamboo sticks. It is made using two special bamboo sticks that have length of 35-38 cm, and are 3 cm in diameter one of which is hollow and the other one is filled with grains to create a sound effect.

Creole anticellulite massage is accompanied by rhythmic ethnic music (Sega) played on three instruments: ravanne, maravanne, triangle. Distinctive features of Creole massage is improved efficiency (especially when working out thighs and buttocks).


Creole Massage helps with:

  • Cellulite
  • Problems with extra weight
  • Obesity
  • Intellectual and Physical fatigue
  • Removes stress
  • Positively helps lymph flow
  • Helps nourish skin and structure
  • Speeds up metabolism
  • Develops power balance

In the end of the massage you feel refreshed and capable of any task.