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Every woman wants to look good and attractive, to feel beautiful without wearing make-up every day. New revolutionary technology Yumi Lashes is able to realize this dream and offer natural, long and beautiful lashes.


  • Yumi Lashes technology was created in Switzerland and soon became very popular in all European countries and does not stop to go on and conquer other countries of the world of beauty.
  • Yumi Lashes is a 5 steps technology that can be realized exceptionally by a professional, designed to turn the lashes upwards, to give them length, height and volume.
  • Yumi Lashes lifts lashes and fills them with pigment, keratin and vitamins.
  • Yumi Lashes offers the best length and curvature, its effect lasts between 8 and 12 weeks.
  • Yumi Lashes was created by woman and for women who prefer looking perfectly good in all situation.
  • Yumi Lashes is an advanced and successful combination of safe products and last innovative technologies.
  • Yumi Lashes complies with European standards and has safety certificates.

Yumi Lushies – 5100 RUB