The latest look in manicure fashion is cable knit nail art. This super cozy style is designed to keep nails looking winter-ready with a sweater-like design.

Traditionally, the winter months are often associated with the warm embrace of knitwear, with spectacular tangles of yarn and the soft touch of fluffy fabrics.

A knitted manicure is actually a manicure with 3D elements that require a lot of patience to do. The elements themselves are drawn by hand and mimic knitted threads, which we usually see in our favorite winter scarves and sweaters.

Some paint designs only on ring fingers, while others prefer to put a knitted manicure on all nails. As for the color, among the most popular are light gray, peach, pink and white. The 3D elements stand out better in lighter shades. The remaining nails may be painted in burgundy, Marsala, fuchsia, black or taupe.

If you’re feeling brave enough, you can definitely give this a try at home. But, for those of us prone to chipping and creasing, it might be best to leave it up to the professionals.

The price for 1 knit design is 150 RUB

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