Rhythm & Heat



Evoke the tropics. Soak in the hues. 

Inspired by the exotic colors of the beautiful Carribean seascape, the brand new Summer 2017 CND Rhythm & Heat Collection introduces six exciting summer hues that will keep your nails dazzling under the sun.

6 New Shades Shellac

6 New Shades Vinylux

  • Mambo Beat

A hot reddish orange, Mambo Beat is decently pigmented and smooth. I used two coats for the swatches below.

  • Sugarcane 

This is a pastel baby green that leans slightly yellow. The formulation is extremely sheer and patchy. I used three coats for the swatches and even then the finish wasn’t perfect.

  • Palm Deco 

A rich forest green, Palm Deco is a dark enough shade that I expected its formulation to be rich and pigmented. Unfortunately, the sheer trend continues with this pretty green. I was able to get a decent coverage with two coats but I had to make the second coat very thick.

  • Ripe Guava 

A rich berry cream, Ripe Guava is far from the most pigmented nail polish I’ve tried. Nevertheless, this shade has the most opaque and even formulation out of the collection. I used two coats for the swatches below.

  • Shells in the Sand 

This is an incredibly sheer baby orange. Soft hues like this tend to be a bit sheer but this one seems extra thinned-down. I needed three coats for a barely opaque coverage.

Exclusively in Vinylux

  • Splash of Teal 

A gorgeous light denim blue, Splash of Teal is also on the sheerer side. With that said, the formulation was smooth and even enough that I was able to get away with two coats.

Exclusively in Shellac

  • Shimmering Shores

This super glittery Shellac exclusive is an absolute BEAUTY! The glitter is extremely dense but lays flat and smooth on the nail without any chubby-ness or sticky-up bits. There are pink, gold, teal and silver glitter particles all suspended in a dark teal gloss. It’s sumptuous!

Four bright summer designs with new CND shades:

  • Casa-blanca
  • Cubana
  • Heat-wave
  • Sugar-palm

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